Hvar Tour from Split | Full Day Tour

Hvar Tour from Split | Full Day Tour

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For centuries, Hvar continued to be an essential part of maritime trade, arts and agriculture in the Adriatic area. The tactical location made it a target for different civilizations, among them the Greeks, Romans, Venetians and Austro-Hungarians, which each left their mark on the cultural and architectural makeup of the island.

Sailing with Condor Yachting from Split to Hvar is not only a chance for you to discover the magical streets and seas of this destination, but you will also reveal many secrets of this amazing city.

Tour Itinerary

We have designed our itinerary in such a way that will make you spend a day in Hvar and its surrounding areas with adventure and tranquillity as the key agenda of the day. Come with us on a tour of breathtaking views and vivid marine towns.

❖ 8:30 - Starting Your Journey: From Split to the Hvar

We begin our adventure at 8:30 AM for a voucher check at the designated meeting point: Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 1, Split, right in front of St. Frane church. Once everyone has gathered, we'll embark on our boat and set sail for our first destination: Brac.

❖ 9:30 - 10:30 - Brac

Bol is the oldest town along the island's coastline and is famous for its stunning white stone buildings crafted with stone used in constructing Diocletian's Palace in nearby Split.

Next, we'll visit one of Croatia's iconic beaches - Zlatni Rat Beach (also known as Golden Cap or Horn Beach). Known for its ever-shifting shape shaped by Adriatic currents and breezes, this sandy shoreline has long been revered.

❖ 10:40 - 12:30 - Hvar

Hvar Island is famed for its idyllic scenery and vibrant nightlife. Hvar has been around since medieval times; you can witness its history everywhere you turn!

Wander through Hvar Town's narrow streets and you will encounter centuries-old buildings that still stand today. Be sure not to miss Hvar Fortress, an impressive castle that has protected Hvar Town for over seven centuries; as well as St Stephen's Cathedral - an exquisite church featuring gorgeous decorations on its interior walls.

Hvar is known for its rocky coastline where you can discover hidden beaches and caves, while in summer its fields of lavender add splashes of colour. For the best views, hiking up Mount St. Nicholas can give an expansive panorama of all that Hvar offers below you.

❖ 12:30 - 14:00 - Pakleni islands

For some heat relief, we'll sail over to the Paklinski Islands. At this stop, you'll have many free hours to explore the hidden coves and plunge into the crystalline waters, before proceeding to the next attraction.

❖ 15:00 - 17:30 - Brac

And lastly, we will arrive at Milna, a picturesque fishing village with a huge natural harbour area. Don't forget to admire the stunning landscape and calm atmosphere which will make this end-of-the-day outing the most peaceful.

❖ 18:00 - Arrival to Split

It's time to say goodbye to the islands and make our way back to Split, reflecting on the memories of a perfect day with Condor Yachting spent discovering the treasures of the Adriatic Sea.

Departure days

Every day


8-10 hours

Departure time

8:30 AM (voucher check at 8:00 AM)

Starting point

Price includes

Transport with comfortable speed boat
English speaking captain and crew
Refreshing water on board
Insurance | All taxes and VAT


Pakleni islands


Why Choose Hvar Tour from Split?

Hvar is one of many beautiful islands along Croatia's coast, so why should you choose Hvar over them all? Here are five reasons that should convince you that visiting Hvar should be on your bucket list when visiting Croatia:

  • Hvar is an idyllic island boasting stunning scenic beauty. From its sparkling blue sea to its verdant hills covered with lavender flowers, Hvar offers something truly spectacular for visitors and residents to take pleasure in.
  • Hvar has an intriguing past, filled with captivating tales and old buildings. When visiting, you'll get to learn more about its past while seeing ancient landmarks such as castles and churches.
  • During the trip to Hvar from Split you will surely have a lot of things to do - swimming at the beach, exploring caves or hiking through nature are only some of them. There is something fun for everyone on a tour of this island paradise!
  • Hvar offers visitors an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture. Here, they'll experience delicious traditional cuisine, and lively musical performances and perhaps even take part in one or more festivals!
  • Hvar has convenient transportation. Joining a tour from Split to Hvar makes getting there easy, as you will travel by boat - providing an idyllic view of the coastline and islands along the way!

Activities to Enjoy on the Hvar Island

Hvar Island offers endless ways to enjoy its beauty, offering activities for sunbathers, watersport enthusiasts, nature lovers and sun seekers alike. Whatever you enjoy doing most you are sure to find something enjoyable here!

Beautiful Beaches

Hvar is the home of a number of postcard-perfect beaches, each being unique in its own way and all having different alluring features. Dubovica Beach is located in a cosy cove surrounded by dramatic cliffs and turquoise water; the beach is pebbled and provides a tranquil atmosphere for sunbathing and swimming.

Meanwhile, Zukova Beach provides more solitude; soft sand meets shallow turquoise waters to offer leisurely strolls and family picnics!

The Crystal-Clear Waters

Swimmers and divers off the sunny shores of Hvar Island are offered the chance to swim through the crystal clear waters and explore what lies beneath the surface. A myriad of colourful marine life and a diverse underwater habitat await, for snorkelers and divers alike.

Dive sites like Pakleni Islands are a significant milestone towards the discovery of a lively marine world, which is highlighted by coral reefs, sea caves and hidden treasures. Even staying right above the water level, you can see hypnotizing hues of blue and green of the Adriatic Sea, offering remarkable opportunities for swimming, paddleboarding or simply sitting on a boat and taking in the spectacle.

Travel Tips

In order to plan a great and memorable day tour from Split to Hvar pack appropriately and consider ahead of time. Here is a compilation of the best advice you will need for safe and easy travel.

What to Pack for a Day Tour

It is recommended to bring along five things on this tour:

  • Sun protection. Hvar is full of sunshine and that is why you need to carry sunscreen for protection from strong UV rays. Besides, do not forget to wear a hat and sunglasses to top up your safety behaviour.
  • Comfortable clothing. Look for light, airy clothes and comfy shoes that will be perfect for walking on the pathways if you plan to have a stroll in the old district or hike on some of the hiking trails.
  • Swimwear and towels. Do not forget to take a swimsuit and a towel with you if you plan to try the charming Adriatic waters or enjoy one of the beautiful pebble-stone beaches Hvar is famous for.
  • Water and snacks. Drink water willingly by carrying a reusable water bottle with you. Besides, take along some energy bars so that you can maintain your stamina during the island exploration.
  • Camera or smartphone. Embrace the beauty of Hvar and take a pic of it with your devices to remember this tour. Be sure to take an underwater case with you, if you aim at taking some shots near the water.

Essential Tips for Travelers

There are many tips that will come in handy for your Croatian islands’ adventure travel and they are:

  1. Book in advance. To ensure a hassle-free experience, book your day tour to Hvar from Split in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons when availability may be limited.
  2. Arrive early. Arriving early to the boarding point, you will overcome the stress of the beginning of your day trip and make sure that you don’t miss your boat.
  3. Respect local customs. Acquaint yourself with the culture and tradition of the island, at least in order to show some respect while you are there.

Best Time to Visit Hvar Island

The best time to visit Hvar Island, however, mainly depends on your likes and expectations. Summer from June to August is the most popular, with temperatures that are just right for people who love the sea and outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, if you prefer lesser crowds and a mild climate, the shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) and fall (September to October) might provide the best options for you. Although the temperatures may be pleasant, there are fewer tourists to explore the island with.

Also, for some, the calm of Hvar during the winter, while some services and attractions may have reduced hours or closures, can be very appealing.

Price Ranges and What They Include

When planning a day tour from Split to Hvar, it's essential to know what's included and at what price point. At 120 euros for this tour package, expect an enjoyable and comfortable journey that ensures comfort throughout.

This price includes:

  • Transport by comfortable speed boat. Your ticket includes transportation aboard a comfortable speed boat for a swift and picturesque trip from Split to Hvar. Simply sit back, relax, and admire breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea on your journey toward Hvar!
  • English-speaking captain and crew. For your tour, an English-speaking captain and crew will ensure your safety as they provide insight into local attractions along the way. They'll offer essential knowledge about all the sights and attractions as you go.
  • Refreshing water on board. Stay hydrated on your day tour by staying comfortable and energized throughout your excursion with refreshing water provided on board the boat, provided complimentary. This ensures a great excursion.
  • Snorkelling gear and water/windproof jackets. This ticket offers you a snorkel set that can be used while discovering the rich underwater world of the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, thoroughly water/windproof jackets will be needed to ensure comfort if weather conditions are changed.
  • Free Wi-Fi. While on the boat tour, stay in touch with the world by using free wi-fi provided on the boat. Whatever the case, Facebooking your exploits from the road or keeping in touch with home will never be a problem due to high-speed WiFi around your trip!
  • Insurance and all taxes/VAT are covered. With your ticket, you are covered by insurance and are free from any additional costs such as taxes, this is all-inclusive: VAT and fees are not charged separately as we respect your budget, and there are no hidden costs.

How to Book this Tour?

You can reach us through email, phone, WhatsApp, or Viber to book this tour. Whether you want to ask questions, need extra information, or are ready to book the trip to Hvar Island- we are open 24/7 and here to assist you with everything you need. Just ring us, and we promise to do all the rest so that your experience is easy and stress-free.

How to Choose the Best Tour for You 

Selecting an engaging tour for your vacation can greatly enhance your travel experience.

First, determine your interests and preferences. Are you drawn to cultural exploration, leisurely beach days or adventure-packed activities? Hvar Tour offers an abundance of experiences - from discovering ancient ruins in historic towns and strolling along picturesque beaches to partaking in thrilling water sports activities!

Carefully consider your travel style and group dynamics preferences before making your choice of tour group or private. While group tours allow travellers to socialize and meet fellow travellers, private tours provide a more intimate experience.

If you appreciate flexibility and customization, a private tour may be an ideal solution. Hvar Tour provides travellers with this option, giving them the freedom to create their own itinerary or work with tour operators to customize a specialized adventure designed around them. So if you would like a personalised adventure tailored specifically to you - let us organize it for you! Contact us with what your preferred sites are, or make up your own plan and let us organize it all for you.

Our Gallery from this Tour

In our gallery, you will see pictures of the blue beaches, as well as the people like you who decided to spend a beautiful day of exploration on the Croatian coast. These photos reveal the picturesque scenic view of Hvar's coast that offers both rest and excitement while being surrounded by a magnificent natural setting.


How long does it take to travel from Split to Hvar by water?

The journey takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, providing you with plenty of time to soak in the scenic views along the way.

Do we need to bring cash or is the credit card acceptable on the island of Hvar?

While credit cards are accepted by many establishments on Hvar Island, it is also good to have some cash for petite purchases and transactions, particularly in the more remote areas or even markets.

What are some recommended activities to do on Hvar Island?

Apart from Hvar Fortress and St. Stephen's Cathedral on Hvar, you can also enjoy beautiful beaches, go hiking on scenic trails and explore local cuisine.

Important notes

  • Tour is not suitable for children under 4 years old
  • In case of tour cancellation by bad weather, a full refund will be made
  • The itinerary and timing on the tour may be adjusted due to the weather and sea conditions or captain’s decision
  • Guests should wear proper clothing: bathing suits, towels, sunglasses, sun cream, hat, spare clothes to change,  and most definitely a camera to capture amazing photos
  • Guests are also advised to bring along shacks, refreshing drinks, fruits, etc.

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