Pakleni Islands Tour from Split

Pakleni Islands Tour from Split

Experience the mesmerising nature of these islands first-hand.
Price: €130


The Paklinski Islands are a group of 21 small islands and islets located off the southwest coast of the island of Hvar. 

Despite their name, which translates to "Hell's Islands" in Croatian, the Paklinski Islands are a heavenly retreat.

So if you do not know how to visit them, Condor Yachting is giving you an amazing opportunity to relax and enjoy the Croatian coast on the Paklinski Islands tour from Split. In just 10 hours, you will get to see the best side of this Adriatic gem.

Tour Itinerary

❖ 8:30 - Starting your journey

See Dalmatia in all its beauty and enchantment on our customized Paklinski Islands tour departure from Split. The itinerary given below describes your thrilling day exploring some breathtaking Croatian islands.

❖ 9:40 - 11:40 - Bol, Brač

First off, we’ll go to the island of Brač – there, you’ll see Bol, the oldest town on the coast of the island. Then, we’ll take you to Zlatni Rat Beach (also known as the Golden Cape or the Golden Horn Beach).

12:40 - 14.10 - The Allure of the Pakleni Islands 

A hot summer day is sure to leave you wanting to swim in the beautiful blue sea. That’s exactly why we’ll take you to the Paklinski Islands. This is a place where you will be free to walk around the bays and swim in the stunning blue-green water of the sea before moving on. 

As you’re here, be also attentive to amazing rock formations, and hidden caves and possibly you will see dolphins playing in the waves.

You may have already seen some of its locations since the Pakleni Islands are often featured in movies. Their stunning landscapes have been featured in numerous movies and television shows.

14:30 - 16:30 - Hvar

Our next destination is the island of Hvar, one of the most picturesque and famous party spots in Croatia. Its charming and tranquil scenery is worth seeing before you continue your excursion.

17:15 - 18:00 - Milna or Stomorska on Brač Island

Our final destination will be Milna or Stomorska on Brač Island. Milna is known as the island’s biggest natural harbor. This beautiful fishing village and its beautiful views are a perfect way to wrap up a perfect day.

Stomorska on Brač is a charming fishing village celebrated for its crystal-clear waters, traditional Dalmatian stone houses, and vibrant waterfront, offering a tranquil retreat for visitors.

18:30 - Arrival to Split

After a long day at the sea, it’s time for your return to Split.

Departure days

Every day


8-10 hours

Departure time

8:30 AM (voucher check at 8:00 AM)

Starting point

in front of St. Frane church

Price includes

Transport with comfortable speed boat
English speaking captain and crew
Refreshing water on board
Snorkelling gear ● Water/windproof jackets
Insurance ● All taxes and VAT.


Bol (Brač island)
Paklenski islands
Hvar town (Hvar island)


Why Choose Pakleni Islands Tour from Split?

Are you seeking an unforgettable journey along Croatia's coastal area? Our Pakleni Islands Tour from Split could be exactly what you need! Here's why:

  • Scenery of extraordinary beauty: The Pakleni Islands offer stunning landscapes for you to discover, from Zlatni Rat Beach (commonly referred to as Golden Cape or Horn Beach) and Paklinski Islands' serene beaches - you will be immersed in stunning natural beauty wherever you turn.
  • Swimming and exploring Zlatni Rat Beach: This sparkling azure beach does stoke something super special within its waters, and it is no wonder that it is among popular Croatian beaches and internationally renowned sites for sunbathing. By default, here is a charming location most suitable for either a refreshing dip or a lazy time on an umbrella lounger.
  • Sightseeing in Hvar: Fall in love with little, narrow, historical streets in Hvar and breathtaking architecture on every corner. See the tourist attractions such as ancient architecture or metropolitan life in busy public spaces for an unforgettable sightseeing adventure!
  • Paklinski Islands offer both adventure and relaxation! Spend your free time hiking scenic trails, lounging on private beaches, or simply appreciating nature - whatever takes your fancy is your call. The choice is yours!
  • Convenience: Put aside the hassles and details of planning and logistics; we have you covered! Sit back, relax, and let us handle everything from transportation to itinerary planning; all you have to worry about is showing up and enjoying the journey!

Activities to Enjoy on the Pakleni Islands

Exploring the Pakleni Islands offers endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation, but two particular activities promise to elevate your island adventure experience to new levels.

Hidden Beaches and Secret Coves

One of the most fantastic things about the Pakleni Islands is their large number of secluded places you can go to avoid the busy crowds and recharge from our perpetual hurry. 

At hidden beaches and coves you become little havens where you are retreating away from all the hustle and bustle of city life – imagine yourself at such a hidden beach that crystalline waves wash over the powdery sand, there are peaceful and quiet corners where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature.

The Crystal-Clear Waters of Palmižana

For swimmers who adore diving into crystal-clear water, Palmizana offers an incredible swimming experience. The waters here are so clear they make you feel as if diving into an oversized swimming pool; you can see right down to the bottom and its colors are spectacular. 

Grab your snorkel gear and explore an underwater world filled with vibrant fish and intriguing sea life - or just float along and let the gentle waves rock you into an effortless state of bliss - Palmizana makes the ideal place to cool off on hot days while having some fun together - perfect!

Travel Tips

As you go on your day tour of Croatia's beautiful coastline, there is no doubt that you have to take some important travel tips into account to make your trip fun and successful. Ticking off a list of essentials, including sunscreen and an umbrella, and choosing the most suitable time and date for your trip will make your vacation go smoothly and memorable.

What to Pack for a Day Tour

Preparing to embark on a day tour can be thrilling and fulfilling; just remember the following items when packing. First and foremost: sunscreen! Spending time under Croatia's sunny skies necessitates protecting yourself.

Make sure to pack a hat and sunglasses when heading outdoors; these will protect both eyes and face from sun rays. Plus, don't forget your swimsuit - especially since you'll likely be hitting beaches!

Always pack a cover-up or light shirt as protection when not in the water, as well as comfortable footwear if you plan on exploring.

Essential Tips for Travelers

Remembering to keep yourself hydrated on an extended trip is of crucial importance; therefore, you should bring along a refillable water bottle for any time you need to get some water.

Because you will spend some time walking, comfortable shoes are a must. It will also be advisable to have a small backpack with which to carry water, sunscreen, and any other vital materials needed during your adventure.

In addition, you should always be prudent and keep your valuables bagged and safe using water-proof bags for your phone and money.

Best Time to Visit the Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands are breathtaking no matter when you visit, but certain times of year offer greater beauty than others. If you enjoy warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight, summer is an excellent time to go - from June through September you can expect bright sunbeams shining down onto you and water temperatures reaching 30C+, ideal for swimming or simply basking up some vitamin D! 

Unfortunately, summer is also peak tourist season on these beautiful islands so they could become overrun with visitors during this period - however take note this time may also be busier with visitors, making islands less serene than before or after this period!

If you prefer fewer tourists and still great weather, try visiting in spring or fall. Not only is the temperature still mild but there are fewer tourists around; so you can experience all that beautiful nature has to offer without all of the noise and congestion of tourists. Remember to always check the forecast beforehand so you can pack appropriately.

Price Ranges and What They Include

Engaging in an adventure to the Pakleni Islands from Split starts at just €120 per person and includes all necessary services and amenities designed to ensure you have an enjoyable journey.

Price Includes: 

  • Speed boat ride: Indulge in luxurious speed boat travel between destinations for swift and smooth transit.
  • English-Speaking Captain and Crew: Our experts and experienced English-speaking captain and crew supply you with clear-detailed information and help when needed during the journey.
  • Hydration on Board: Stay hydrated as you explore the islands with complimentary, refreshing water available on board your boat.
  • Snorkeling Gear: Dive beneath the surface and discover an enchanting underwater world using our snorkeling equipment, providing an opportunity to witness mesmerizing marine life!
  • Water/Windproof Jackets: Stay prepared for all weather conditions by having waterproof and windproof jackets at hand to stay comfortable, no matter the elements.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Stay in the moment and do live webcasts from the ship via free wi-fi routers that span through the length of the vessel.
  • Travel Insurance: Peace of mind is guaranteed as the whole journey is covered by travel insurance companies against any uncertain circumstances.
  • Taxes and VAT Are Included: Do not worry about the sudden appearance of hidden costs or additional payments in your tour, because its fee has already included all taxes and VAT in its total price.

How to Book this Tour?

Booking your Pakleni Islands tour is easy! Just contact us by email, WhatsApp, or Viber or call us and you will be surprised to see how very simple the whole process is. We will be glad to help you with anything and provide all the information required so that you can have a lifetime experience.

How to Choose the Best Tour for You

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How Far in Advance Should I Book the Pakleni Islands Tour?

We suggest making arrangements as early as possible during peak tourist seasons to guarantee availability and ensure your spot on this excursion. 

How Long Does the Pakleni Islands Tour from Split Last?

The tour lasts around 10-11 hours.

What to Wear for the Pakleni Islands Tour?

We recommend comfortable clothing suitable for a day at the beach, along with swimwear, sunscreen, and a hat for sun protection.

Important notes

  • Tour is not suitable for children under 4 years old
  • In case of tour cancellation by bad weather, a full refund will be made
  • The itinerary and timing on the tour may be adjusted due to the weather and sea conditions or captain’s decision
  • Guests should wear proper clothing: bathing suits, towels, sunglasses, sun cream, hat, spare clothes to change,  and most definitely a camera to capture amazing photos
  • Guests are also advised to bring along shacks, refreshing drinks, fruits, etc.
Photos: Company archive and TZ Splitsko-dalmatinske

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