Private boat transfer from Split to Hvar

Private boat transfers from the biggest Croatian cities to the islands nearby are the best way of traveling and exploring the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. This exclusive opportunity allows travelers to enjoy luxury and comfort while heading to one of the most enchanting charms of the Croatian coast. With personalized itineraries, panoramic views and affordable prices, taxi boats are not only a perfect transport option, but they provide a unique, and unforgettable journey across the Croatian islands.

Destination highlight: Hvar’s charms

Hvar is an island of sun and lavender. According to many, it is the most beautiful place in Croatia, the sunniest spot. Crystal clear, turquoise sea, wild beaches hidden under steep cliffs, picturesque landscapes and atmospheric cities with beautiful architecture attract vacationers to the island every year. 

Hvar is the largest town on the island and offers numerous tourist attractions. It is worth starting a tour of the city from the main square, Sv. Stjepan from where you can immerse yourself in a tangle of narrow streets.

Stari Grad is the oldest city in Croatia and one of the oldest in Europe. The remains of the powerful city walls can still be seen near the Dominican monastery. 

The old town is very atmospheric and hides many architectural gems. The most impressive would be the view from the Španjola fortress. The small archipelago of Paklinski islands attracts sailors, lovers of swimming and diving. The town of Palmižana on the island of Sveti Klement and the beach of Carpe Diem on the island of Marinkovac are very popular among tourists.

Španjola fortress

Why choose a private transfer?

A private boat trip will be completely dedicated to a day spent with friends or family. Our captain and his crew will be at your disposal on board. The program of this tour will be agreed with you or different route options will be offered. In our offer you can choose from various types of vessels, including sailboats, speedboats and luxury speedboats.

Here are two more important advantages of private boat torus you should consider:

Private boat transfers from coastal cities to islands in Croatia offer travelers unparalleled advantages. Firstly, they provide complete control over one’s schedule, allowing passengers to tailor their journey according to their preferences. Whether opting for an early morning departure or extending the stay to savor the beauty of destinations like Hvar, the itinerary remains fully adaptable.

Secondly, these transfers prioritize comfort, ensuring passengers experience the epitome of luxury while on board. From lavish seating arrangements to cutting-edge amenities, every detail is meticulously crafted to guarantee relaxation and satisfaction throughout the voyage.

The Condor Yachting fleet: Setting sail in style

The Condor Yachting fleet sets the standard for private boat transfers in Croatia, when it is about luxury and sophistication. Each vessel in their fleet is fully equipped in order to ensure the greatest experience.

Whether it’s seeking shelter under the convenient Bimini top for shade or indulging in the luxury of a deck shower for invigorating swims in the pristine waters, every aspect is thoughtfully curated to enhance the passenger experience. With an inviting aft sundeck beckoning for leisurely lounging under the warm sun and modern USB sockets catering to connectivity requirements, every detail is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless and satisfying voyage for all passengers. On board, you’ll find top-quality snorkel gear, ready to use for underwater exploration. 

With features like a bow thruster for manoeuvrability, depth sounder, GPS, and VHF for navigation and communication, safety and efficiency are prioritized. Passengers can also enjoy the convenience of a fridge for refreshments, along with provided masks and tubes for underwater exploration. The inclusion of a toilet, cold water system, and refrigerator adds to the comfort and convenience of the journey, while wind jackets ensure passengers are prepared for varying weather conditions, making every voyage with Condor Yachting a memorable and worry-free experience.

private boat transfers

Understanding private boat transfer prices

When we talk about prices, the price depends on several factors: the type of vessel, the number of people, the duration of the trip and the place of arrival. For example, the drive from Split to Hvar takes 28 minutes. The price for up to 6 people is 364 €. If there are between 7 and 10 people on board, the price for the same route will be 464 €, and 564 € is the price for transporting more than 10 people.

A private boat transfer from Split to Hvar transcends simple travel, offering a luxurious journey filled with exploration and enjoyment.

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